About Sue ...

P assionate about your success

  • respect, honesty and integrity as her core values
  • provides a trusted, reliable service
  • highly organised
  • accuracy and attention to detail
  • excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • tolerant and flexible
  • excellent comprehension and analytical skills
  • competent researcher
  • intuitive
  • participates in personal and professional development and continuing education
  • excellent customer service skills
  • works effectively, remotely

Online Marketing & Admin Support - Partnering in your Success

What Sue can do for you ....

Online Marketing

  • Website consultation & assessment
  • Pre-website planning
  • Content marketing strategies
  • Social media marketing and training
  • Research

Training & Mentoring Online Marketing

  • Course material development
  • One on one sessions
  • Course delivery

Online Business Management

  • Maintain and manage online profiles
  • Reputation management
  • Customer service and feedback
  • Lead generation
  • Competitive analysis
  • Social media management
  • Enews management
  • Website maintenance

Admin Support

  • Respond to client enquiries
  • Maintain contact list
  • Organise internal documentation
  • Maintain calendar and schedule meetings
  • Document creation
  • Make travel arrangements
  • Prepare and send out emails
  • Proofreading

What's in it for you ....

  • The ultimate solution to improve productivity and results
  • Improved time allocation efficiency
  • Improved self management
  • Improved work/life balance
  • Connect with potential, ready to buy, customers
  • Make informed strategic decisions
  • Improved brand awareness and increase visibility
  • Focus on your core business & do what you do best
  • make informed strategic decisions
  • Don't sweat the small stuff
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What people say about Sue ...

1Dive into Digital
Sue is an extremely reliable and diligent person who dedicates herself to the task at hand and produces work of high quality. She produced educational materials for a course designed to assist small businesses with their online presence, requiring extensive research and organisational skills. As a subcontractor for the Digital Enterprise Program, Sue worked with our clients on an individual basis and it was obvious from their enthusiastic feedback that she was able to provide them with assistance that made tangible differences to their businesses. I really appreciated her knowledge of online marketing techniques. She is professional and personable and I look forward to working with her again in future.
Michele Dale
Program Manager, Digital Enterprise Program at Advance Cairns
1Mission Beach Tourism
Sue Wickes worked with Mission Beach Business and Tourism on a contract basis as an Online Content Tourism Officer managing our online media content for six years. Her outstanding skills have made her a forerunner in social networking bringing to our remote, regional community the latest developments in social media platforms. Included in her duties for Mission Beach Business and Tourism were further development of our website www.missionbeachtourism.com, proofread documents, write media articles, managing brochure hard copy and business reports. She shares ideas and participates in Mission Beach Business and Tourism activities and has strong bonds with our thirty seven volunteer staff. She is an effective, disciplined team player with a wonderful sense of humour making her a joy to work beside. I highly recommend Sue Wickes both professionally and personally and would be delighted to give verbal recommendation should you require.
Angi Matveyeff
CEO MIssion Beach Business & Tourism
1Financial Writers Australia
I first contacted Sue when my website was being redeveloped and I knew I would have to learn more about how to promote my business using social media. Even though the last 30 years of my career have been in marketing-related roles, I still hadn’t accepted the place for social media in my business, but I knew that opinion would have to change if I wanted it to reach its 16th year.
I found Sue through a local IT business directory and after visiting her website I felt she had the maturity that would suit me personally and the experience to suit my business. I was disappointed when Sue told me she was too busy to take on another client “until July”. I wasn’t sure if I could wait five months but having looked around at other services (I wanted to work with a local operator), I realised I’d have to.
Five months flew past and when I contacted Sue I was thrilled to hear she had an opening! We started to work together and immediately hit it off. Sue is very organised (something I am not), focused and knows her stuff about all things social. I have an unusual business but Sue picked up what it was all about and what I was trying to achieve in record time. She listened intently and helped me to develop a better understanding of inbound marketing and how it could work for me without putting too much extra strain on my already busy schedule.
After our work was finished, I had a plan for my blog posts on topics that would help me to entice my ideal clients via the personas we developed to my website and get them hooked on the service. It’s up to me to write the blog posts and newsletter content to achieve this (as a writer I don’t have a problem with that), but with the direction Sue has given me I now have the confidence that it can be done – and more importantly, why it should be done.
I highly recommend Sue’s services to create “online action” for any type of business – large or small. She is committed to helping people achieve their online marketing goals with ease and grace.
Julianne Bell
Managing Director

Sue lives in beautiful Mission Beach, Queensland with her partner. She enjoys the natural environment and wildlife of the region.

Call Sue 0437 344 809

PO Box 253
Mission Beach
Qld 4852



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